Malabar’s Design Process

We really wanted everyone at Malabar to be involved in designing Shadow! To help our artists, Ms Dique (our design mentor), decided to have each Malabar student create their own little calf design.

Before we began, we watched this video about cotton  to get our brains pumping and minds working.

Ms Dique also told us to keep our creations to three main skeleton ideas. Cotton (our agricultural theme), the environment (as farming is a big part of the environment and we are looking at future sustainability), and Malabar (because that’s the world we know – our school is located in Malabar). She made it clear that we should at least use one. Ms Dique talked to us about the ideas and showed us pictures of other painted calves and designs that other pupils in Malabar had created. Most of us didn’t use all the bones of the “skeleton”, just one or two was fine. Some people were able to do three. WOW!

Many of the ideas were very creative and I’m positive that it will be a very tough time trying to put together our final design. We took photos of some of the creations. From seed to shirt!

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design skeleton

The ‘skeleton’ design process…

creative fun

Creative fun with our designs!




Shadow’s Journey so far!

Arrival at the door!!

Suddenly there’s a delivery at the door.

Arrival in corridor

Into my room!!

Now its time for Malabar Public School to vote for the unnamed calf.

Arrival in doorway

Voting Time!!

4/5H voted on Shadow

1F voted on Summer

1A voted on Rainbow Dash

KL voted on Rainbow Dash

5/6K voted on T-bone

KM voted on Rainbow Dash

5/6M voted on Cookie Batter

2F voted on Daisy

2C voted on Jamie

Then the School voted on SHADOW!!


Naming our Calf!

Ready for unveiling!

Ready for unveiling!

After a dramatic unveiling of our calf at assembly Malabar students were asked to propose a name for our new calf. We had one week to make our suggestions and then each class would vote on those suggestions to choose our final name.

My class 4/5H liked Billy’s suggestion for the name Shadow best. Apparently, Billy thought of the name because he already knows a
calf named Shadow.  1F suggested that the calf be called Summer because farms are nice warm and sunny. And Sienna from 1F came up with that one (probably more like very hot and humid).  1A came up with the name Rainbow Dash from my little pony. They explained to me that it was because ponies live on farms.  It was quite a coincidence but KM, KL and 1A came up with the name Rainbow Dash. 5/6K proposed T-bone (Tom came up with the name T-bone because its part of the calf and he likes meat!). 5/6M selected the name Cookie-Batter. 2F chose the name  Daisy because cows eat daisies while 2C settled on Jamie because its a boy and a girl name (which is both strange and rather sensible).

On the Friday it went to the whole school vote. No one knew what other classes had suggested until the voting sheet came around. Guess what we chose? You’re right, Shadow! but guess what else? So did Malabar as a whole.

Have you met our Shadow?

"Shadow" Unveiled!

“Shadow” Unveiled! He looks cheeky already!

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Our New Calf!

This week we had exciting news as our new Archibull Prize calf arrived at school! After a (slightly undignified) journey in a ute our calf made a celebrated entrance and was carried to it’s new home.

Our New Calf!

Our new calf arrives at Malabar graciously carried by Mr Atwell, our Principal.


We  found a space for our calf. It (he/she) looked rather lonely under all that plastic don’t you think?

There's a character under that bubble wrap!

There’s a character under that bubble wrap!

 Now, what are you called? Any suggestions Malabar?

Welcome to Malabar’s Archibull blog!

Mooo…..Welcome all to Malabar public school’s Archibull blog!

I’m Malabar’s wonderful Archibull calf and I am proud to introduce Malabar’s theme- the wonderful white world of cotton! All students from Malabar have drawn designs for me. The designs have to have three things in common. More about that above!

Selected Malabar artists (featured) chose quality designs and group them together to create a wildly creative design for me! I am one lucky calf. Bloggers (also featured) type, interview, teach and photograph their hands off to create a profile for me on the media and outside.                                                                     So come inside explore the world of cotton…

From seed to shirt!