Malabar’s Design Process

We really wanted everyone at Malabar to be involved in designing Shadow! To help our artists, Ms Dique (our design mentor), decided to have each Malabar student create their own little calf design.

Before we began, we watched this video about cotton  to get our brains pumping and minds working.

Ms Dique also told us to keep our creations to three main skeleton ideas. Cotton (our agricultural theme), the environment (as farming is a big part of the environment and we are looking at future sustainability), and Malabar (because that’s the world we know – our school is located in Malabar). She made it clear that we should at least use one. Ms Dique talked to us about the ideas and showed us pictures of other painted calves and designs that other pupils in Malabar had created. Most of us didn’t use all the bones of the “skeleton”, just one or two was fine. Some people were able to do three. WOW!

Many of the ideas were very creative and I’m positive that it will be a very tough time trying to put together our final design. We took photos of some of the creations. From seed to shirt!

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design skeleton

The ‘skeleton’ design process…

creative fun

Creative fun with our designs!




2 thoughts on “Malabar’s Design Process

  1. I think it’s cool because I like how the Aboriginal flag was included in the design.
    By Kade 4G

  2. I think it’s good because were all able to draw a design of Shadow so we all got a say.
    By 3F.

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